Monday, September 03, 2012

Clean and Crisp

Hi guys! It's been a while since I posted outfit pictures here on my blog so I'm giving you one now :) I wore this outfit last Saturday at the crazy birthday bash of my friends, Aissa and Nikki. That day was jam-packed because I had my OJT and Exit interview in the morning and finals at 6-8pm. Two parties in line after the exams but I only got the chance to attend at the birthday party. :( (You'll notice how haggard I looked) I wish that the events that day didn't have to be celebrated in one day. I would have love to attend both but time and a series of hindrances didn't permit. Anyway, here are the pictures of my outfit that night. And sorry in advance for the crappy photos :( :)

I seriously and really need  to buy a point and shoot camera NOW especially when I'm out and about, bringing SLR is such a hassle because it's really bulky and heavy.  :|

  HYPE and LIKE This look on and

 TOP/ Mom's
 SHORTS/ Forever21,

I had this shorts for a long long time now but haven't got the chance to wear it because I don't have a top to pair it with. I wanted to pair it with a white top but unfortunately, I don't have one and I am currently on a saving mode; yep, money crisis.  So I went on ransacking my Mom's clothes and I found this top which I had the buttons replaced with gold ones because it looks awful with just plain buttons. hehe :) I really love that the sleeves are padded because It accentuates my huge arms and I also love how it looks sophisticated because it is covered up to my collar bone but still looks sexy because it is see-through and the material of the clothing is lace. Agree? :) So to make it look more lively, I paired everything with gold accessories which is a very complimenting piece on any white outfit.

I must say, this is such an effortless outfit but a true eye candy, don't you think? :) Aaaannnd I'm sporting my new do, FULL BANGS :) hahaha!

Okay, so enough of me, here are some of the pictures from the party.

 With my good friend, Anshe
 Anshe and Twitch :)
 The boys :)
 With Ate Kath and Anshe :)

 With Matt :)
 Ian, Birthday Gal Nikki, Pio, Tella and Mico :)
The Gorgeous Birthday Girl, Nikki <3 I love you!
 And the other lovely birthday girl, Mi loves, Aissa <3 I love you Infinity much!
My two closest posse's! <3

As of this time while I am typing this, I am currently indulging myself eating my sister's birthday cake hahaha! Now I'm out of here, hope you guys have a lovely week ahead! Catch up with you soon!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

The past 3 weeks.....

Loooooonggggggg break from blogging! I am apologizing from the bottom of my heart and my hypothalamus! Won't be going on a break that long now guys :) So, how was the past weeks for you? After days of relentless rains, flood, and a lot of class suspensions, I hope everyone's doing fine now; swinging their hips and giggling to the beautiful weather we have right now. Mr.Sun, just please stay okay? What I did the past 3 weeks, let's see. I shopped, I ate, I read, I slept, and I had a day of pampering. Say HI to my blog saver: Instagram photos and some point-and-shoot photos using iPhone. Good thing I was able to take blog-worthy pictures of what I have been up to the past 3 weeks.

My usual routine, spotting and buying accessories at Bedazzle Bedazzle is one of my favorite accessory shop today because of their very trendy and very affordable accessories. It is usually half the price on what you can see at the malls and they also offer hand made pieces, very unique :) You can also have a design of your own and have it made to order. Check out their FB page on the link above to see their collections and for ordering. You can also drop by their shop at the University Mall 3rd Floor Vito Cruz beside De La Salle University for those of you who are near Taft. Here are my new buys! :)
 NEONS! been obsessing with Neon accessories for weeks now! I should collect all colors from the color wheel haha!
 Brass kind of necklace
 Another obsession of mine! SPIKES! Will be posting more of my newly bought spikes on my next post :)
Bracelets, good for my Arm party :)

Working out! Yes guys, you just read it right, I'm working out and I'm on a diet now. I really need to shed off pounds, this fatness is killing me. Gotta stay fit and healthy so I am now making it a habit to watch out on my food intake and make it to a point to work out at least 2 hours a day :) I AM NOW MOTIVATED hahaha

Don't mind my sweaty and no make- up face :)

For some time last week, I have traveled on some places with the help of these: Been reading these two novels non-stop and had been crying my heart out. ;'> It's nice to get lost in the real world and indulge yourself into fiction once in a while.

And I had a day of pampering :) I had my hair dyed, had my hair cut with full bangs! Last time I had this was when I was 10. I feel like a kid again with this bangs. I also had manicure and pedicure. Because red and pink are too mainstream now, I opted for a new nail polish :)

Beware of this pa-cute photos of mine, I can't help but be vain in times like this, when my hair is very tolerable, okay let's just say that it's just what my new hair does to me: VANITY. :| :)

What do you think of my new do guys? Yay or nay? :)

Before I forgot, please follow me on instagram (@syliebaby) :)
So how about you? What have you been up to? I hope you're all having a great weekend! Happy Saturday everyone!


Saturday, August 04, 2012

Night Time Dressing on a Broad Daylight

Here's the outfit post from yesterday's party. I have to admit, I intentionally wore this outfit in broad daylight with a little rain on a kid's party. I know, this outfit is supposed to be worn at night and on a night party but as what I've said it was intended to. Why? Nothing. I just wanted to wear this without worrying what others might think. It's just me, being a girl, breaking the rules. But hey, even if I wore it on a Kid's party, it's still decent to look at because of the mullet skirt. Plus points for that! Besides, I didn't wore heels and glamorous accessories, I just kept it really minimal. I just added this animal print belt and wore my animal print sandals to make it look appropriate and suitable on a sunny-with-a-little-bit-of-rain kind of day and of course with the theme which is Jungle safari. But I really think that this outfit would be a bomb if I wore dazzling accessories and a killer heels. Imagine if I wore a gold belt and a gold dangling earrings, it would look totally different! I think that it's really all about the details which can make an outfit from simple to dashing!

 CORSET/ Divisoria

 This is the corset that I used on my grad pictorial. I just removed all the decorative stones in it. You see, I'm not really curvy neither have the coca-cola body so wearing a corset really works for me and matched it with anything that is high-waist, It would really give you the illusion that you have curves. It's just what high-waist garment does, to highlight and emphasize your shape that's why it suits me. :)

P.S. I am still pretty much not over wearing mullet skirts as you see :)

 NECKLACE/ Bedazzle, BELT/ Singapore Brand, WATCH/ Alba, SANDALS/ Singapore Brand

 And as you can see, I have a different background for this outfit post! Yay! Thanks to my Twitchie for taking my lovely shots!

 Loving the wind effect <3

 This is what you call a CANDID SHOT, very candid indeed. It just shows how maarte I am :) *hahaha!*


Photos by Amiel Nagtalon

 Don't you think that it's more fun being different and dressing up the way you want? =)
What do you think of my look guys? Feel free to give your comments!

Zahra Antonella at 1

Yesterday, I attended my godchild's 1st Birthday at The Lakeshore Mexico, Pampanga together with my boyfriend who is also a godparent to Antonella and my best friend Twitch. The place was amazing! It was my first time to visit the The Lakeshore so I was excited. I've known the place since I was a kid because we always passed by it whenever we go home to my Father's province in Pampanga but we never really got the chance to visit it in actual and yes, It doesn't only look good on the outside but on the inside as well.

Here are some of the pictures of the place. Sorry for the crappy photos, I forgot to bring my slr with me when I took these pictures so I just used my phone. :)

 The reception area

 Outside the reception area, overlooking the lake
 The pool! The most adored thing on the Lakeshore.

 The Clubhouse
Trust me, it looks better in actual :)

Moving on,  the theme of the party was Jungle/ Safari so it is expected to have full of animals, prints, and animal masks, animal songs, balloons; the usual decors in a party. :) There were lots of games for kids and adults too. I was even called out to join Kyra's team for the guess-what-word-game and we named our group as Foxy Ladies while for Jc's group, The Banana Boys! Here are the pictures from the party:

 The animal masks for the kids :)
 Table decorations
 The stage

 They even have food stands for the kids :)

Their food was so good, so mouth-watering! Unfortunately, I forgot to ask what catering it was :| And, who doesn't love sweet treats! I cannot pass the desert because it's my favorite part of the meal and so with taking pictures. I have to take a photo of this sweet confections. Have I not told you that I have a sweet tooth? I think I'll be confined with Diabetes *haha*

 Mommy Kyra and daddy Jc with baby Antonella on their grand entrance! My baby is sleepy! So cute! :)

 With the fam bam :)
 The most adorable godchild that I have! She never cries, she always smiles and she loves to dance! I love you infinity much Antonella!
 And the picture from the photo-booth :)

I had so much fun that day even if we didn't get enough sleep because we got there very early, around 10 am even if the party starts at 3 because my boyfriend's car has expired its registry so in order for us not to get caught, we traveled so early from Manila to Pampanga. But it was so worth it! We're never too old for this kind of party :) Thanks to Kyra and Jc for inviting us! As for my outfit photos, I'll have it posted here later so wait for it!